Sunday, 19 August 2018

Download a copy of the Free E-Book 6 Quick Ways to Cultivate Mental Strength

We are so happy to share with you this new resource from Moses Ida Michaels and our founder Oyinda Fakeye 6 Quick Ways to Cultivate Mental Strength. The book touches on a variety of techniques aimed at promoting positive mental health and encouraging emotional wellbeing through tools and theories which cover mindfulness, mindset, behaviour and mood.

About the authors:

Moses Ida Michaels
Moses Ida-Michaels is a Director/co-owner of Availsys Limited. He has specialisms in tech sales covering Internet access, collaboration, cloud and industrial automation. He blends these with a passion for mental health and wellness in the workplace.

Moses trained at the Copenhagen Business School (CBS), Robert Gordon University and the University of Jos. He studied international law, diplomacy, business, oil and gas management and philosophy.

He is also an experienced counsellor, inspirational speaker, writer and Pastor at Ecclesia Hills

Oyinda Fakeye
Oyindamola Fakeye is a creative entrepreneur and mindfulness expert. In 2014 she started Sound Mind Africa as a platform to connect users and mental health professionals, provide holistic health promotion in the area of mental and emotional wellbeing and create advocacy around mental illness. 

In 2017 Fakeye partner with Kairos Krunch to provide integrated health solutions for improving productivity and wellbeing. She holds a Bsc in Nutritional Biochemistry and diploma's in both Mindfulness and Mindful Mental Health. 

Fakeye has facilitated various Art and Health projects and is also the co-founder and director of VAN Lagos, a new media arts organisation based in Nigeria.

The free e-book can be download by signing up through the link below.

Sign Up Link:6 Quick Ways to Cultivate Mental Strength 

The book can be read from a preventative, health promotion angle. The methods mentioned within the book are not meant to replace professional care where needed but to support and inform readers of holistic methods to cultivate a healthy mind.

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