Friday, 15 August 2014

Depression and the Loss of Robin Williams

I was so sad to hear about the suicide and battle with depression and it moved me to action. Having battled with depression for many years I know what its like to face this terrible disease head on. I have been saddened by a lot of the negative reactions to his death as though I am against self harm and suicide but I also can empathise with those who feel " mentally lost". There are multiple treatment methods for depression and associated disorders and I hope to highlight some of them here especially in relation to modern practices in Africa.

 I think it's important to state that anyone can go through depression and there are people around us who suffer in silence, we must be able to provide an environment that offers up a safe place to express the vulnerability they feel in relation to their situation.  

If you or anyone you know are battling with mental health issues, encourage them to seek professional help. There is nothing wrong with seeing a qualified psychologist, psychiatrist and/or counsellor, I believe that even the most "well adjusted" of us can benefit at some time in our lives from seeking help.

If you are in need of further information contact:

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  1. Awww I am glad you started this and I pray it is an avenue for you to help yourself and most importantly, others that are in the depth of it. Great post