Monday, 1 April 2019

Happy Child Summit kicks of April 8th 2019

Help your child or teen curb stress and overwhelm while boosting motivation and well-being by signing up for the Happy Child Summit taking place from the 8th-11th April 2019.

Research shows that happiness can be learned! Positive skills and habits, some of which we will learn at this summit, endow us with the tools to understand our emotions, and can actually *prevent* depression and mental health issues from taking full form.

We can teach our kids (and ourselves!) the skills they need to fend off negative mental health issues before they fully develop. But more than that: we can also give our children the skills to raise their mental wellbeing to a new, positive level that enables them to cope with life's difficulties and helps them flourish, thrive and achieve the health and happiness we hold so sacred.

The Happy Child Summit builds on the science of positive psychology, helps you understand the latest research and gives you the practical tools that you can use and pass on.

The Happy Child Summit will provide the building blocks you need to give your child their greatest gift ever and take the first steps to a life of wellbeing and happiness, meaning and success.

- Renee Jain, Founder of GoZen!
- Laura Coppedge, Director at Live Happy
- Ian Picken FRSA, Founder, Engaging Education & Events

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