Friday, 10 October 2014

10 secrets to success with Effa Management

 1) How you think is everything. Think success not failure, what you are trying to achieve is to teach your mind how to seek the positive and not negative from every situation. "If you can control it then do it and if you cant control it then change your attitude towards it.

 2) Decide your true dreams and goals. A new years resolution that you don't write down is just a dream. Writing it down starts the plan. Dreams + A Written Plan= Step 3

 3) Take Action. A plan is nothing if it just sits there catching dust. Put it in to action, take control of your goals and aspirations. Do nothing and you will stay the same as you were yesterday and the day before and the day before that.

4) Never stop learning. Be proactive in your approach, because No matter how good you think you are you can always be better. A massive mistake people make is when they get themselves into a good situation they get Lazy and stop learning. To get there they put in time and dedication, working on improve themselves and their goals, it makes no sense to stop when you get there. I repeat NEVER STOP LEARNING.

 5) Success is a marathon not a sprint. basically not everyone is an over night success, infact only a small percentage are. If you look at all success stories you will that that it wasn't a sprint, stage by stage these people were building their foundations to prepare them for when they got their shot. It may not look like it to the public eye, but if you do your research on these people you will notice that they had to put in the hard work and graft, most especially during the tough early stages. From difficult practising conditions, to lack of resources, abuse, people doubting them, no time, no sleep, the list could go on. Successful people realise they are in it for the long run and the Tough times wont last instead it is the tough people that do. Don't worry about speed just worry about how quickly you can make improvements to yourself and you will be amazed by the results.

 6) Learn to analyse details. Be professional and throughly understand what you are doing. The more you knwo the more confidence it brings. If you are unsure ask and keep asking until you know it yourself (No ego is key to this).

 7) Focus on time and money. Don't let negatives distract you from your goals, a great way to do this is to give yourself as many reason to win everyday as possible. Focus on how great the wins will be and only learn how to get stronger from the losses not weaker.

 8) Don't be afraid to innovate, speak up, stand out, your opinion count. Be different to the average, I once heard from a very wealthy business man called James Caan that you should "Observe the masses and do the opposite." The reason why its the cool club is because you are not just allowed in it you have to earn it. Cool is standing out and being focussed on getting ahead. So be confident in yourself, others can't make you learn it you just have to decide to be it and keep deciding to live your life that way. ITS A CHOICE.

 9) Deal and communicate with people positively. The more people that want to see you do well then the better you do. Do what ever you can to remain positive around people, because positivity is infectious and as human being we just can't help but to be curios about it. Try to socialise with the right people; go getters, successful people, people that want to get ahead, rather than people that only make you feel comfortable. Keep yourself around the right people so you can learn to be the right person, the type of person that others want to be around too.

 10) Be honest and be dependable. People need to know that they can rely on you. They need to know you are shrewd but an honest and reputable business man. Your word is everything so use it wisely. 

About Effa Management 
Effa Management get outsourced by clients to handle their business needs whether in SALES, CUSTOMER SERVICE, Team Building and staff personal development. We are a company who specialise in generating customers, increasing market share and offering the most cost effective way to increase brand awareness for our clients.

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